In His Lap


Children typically love to sit in their parent’s lap.  My little one who is four is super-active and can be found running all over the place.  But it also amazes me, with all that energy, how still he sits in my lap, and for how long he is happy to stay there.  What does he get from being there?  He gets my love, and a connection to my heart.  He doesn’t need to do anything to receive my love, I just love him.

Our Heavenly Daddy loves us.  We are told to rest in him.  What does that look like?  Going to Him…spending time with Him.  We don’t need to do anything to earn his love, He just loves us, and we are welcome to rest there and love Him back.  We don’t need to do anything for that love, but often we are busy running around without hanging out in our Daddy’s lap.  It is easy to lose focus on Him if we are not going to His lap often. 

If my son were sitting in my lap and I asked him to do something, he would very likely do it without getting sidetracked, and then come right back because he was enjoying being with me.  If I asked him to get me a glass of water, he would readily do it if he were sitting with me.  If I would ask him when he was running around and not focused on our relationship, I do not think he would do it as readily.  Sometimes we are just busy and don’t seek out God’s heart even if we think we are doing what He would like us to do.


Once, my son wrote “Mom” on the siding of the house in ink.  I think his intent was to think of me and honor me, but it broke a fundamental value I had for not writing on the house!  The intent was good, but not the result.  When we spend enough time with the Father, we are clear on what He values.  We give Him time to communicate with us what is important to Him.

Let’s take time to spend with our Daddy, and to be at rest in Him.  He will let us know if he needs anything.

Maureen Silveyra  May 21, 2017 

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