Disaster Response

When disaster strikes our neighbor, we should DO something.  Compassion rises from within us to help, and we look for a way to bring relief to the loss and suffering of those around us.  We, as members of a community often bring help and hope to an individual or family going through grief and loss.

In the case of natural disasters, however, one’s community has no compassion to give, no help to give, no resources or emotional strength to give, because everyone in the area and surrounding the area is also hurting and suffering from the same disaster.  That is when our idea of “who is my neighbor?” needs to expand.  In times of disaster, it should be our joy to look at all we have and find some way to use our resources, our blessings, to help alleviate the stress of others in an affected community no matter if it is nearby or not.

There is always some help we can give.  Prayer, finances, emotional strength and time are the areas that we have in abundance if we are not in the middle of our own loss.  So let us take the time to get our brothers and sisters on their feet.  Sometimes it takes years and years for a community to get back to some sense of normal life.  Give what you can. We have much.